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dusk’s Aromatics Collection has been designed to capture the romance of the world’s finest fragrances. It’s unique catalytic process releases pure perfume into the air, making it a luxurious, elegant & effective way to fragrance your home.

Inspired by ancient French traditions dating back to the 1800’s, the combination of dusk’s Aromatics Lamps and hand-picked Aromatics Fragrances will deliver delicate perfumes into the air, creating the perfect ambience.

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About Aromatics

dusk's elegant Aromatics Lamps diffuse scent through a unique catalytic process that allows fine fragrance to travel up the wick and through a porous stone before dispersing to fill your room with wonderful aroma.

This means none of the fine fragrance is wasted by the damaging effects of flame. Making Aromatics an extremely effective way to perfume your home!

The fragrance throw of one Aromatics Lamp is equivalent to burning 8 large pillars at once!

1 Aromatics Lamp = 8 Large Pillar Candles


Learn more

Use the links below to view a demonstration of the Aromatics lamp or download the mandatory User Guide and Safety information.



Caring for your lamp

We know you love your Aromatics lamp and with just a little bit of care you can be assured of getting the very most out of its clever wick and stone burner. Regularly maintain your lamp with a Wick Rejuvenation Kit to keep your lamp in premium condition.

Aromatics Wick Rejuvenation Kit

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Please note due to delivery restrictions, dusk's Aromatics Fine Fragrance is currently unavailable from our online store. Fragrances are available at your local store.
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