Aromatica Air Purifer

dusk’s Aromatica Air Purifiers have been designed to fragrance your home whilst also eliminating pollutants and allergens from the air using anion technology.

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This technology works in two ways

1. Anion technology creates negatively charged ions that seek to combine with dust and allergens found in the air. These are then removed by an internal filtration system that recycles the air and returns it through a unique fragrance system.

2. The fan is the fragrance delivery mechanism to filter air through the exclusively designed fragrant pods including dusk’s active-air® technology. This removes odours by eliminating sulphides and nitrides and replacing them with the fragrance of your choice. dusk Aromatica Air Purifiers have been specifically designed for use with dusk Aromatica Fragrant Pods.


  • Single Air Purifiers deliver fragrance and deodorise areas of up to 20m2. 
  • Duo Air Purifiers deliver fragrance and deodorise areas of up to 35m2. 
  • All dusk Aromatica Air Purifiers are made from BPA free plastic. 
  • No chemicals or heat are required to run your purifier. 
  • Each unit has a 1 year warranty. 
  • Designed specifically for use with dusk Aromatica Fragrant Pods, sold exclusively at dusk. 
  • Aromatica Fragrant Pods are made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and dusk’s exclusive fragrances containing the active-air® technology. EVA is a type of soft, non-toxic, recyclable* plastic. 

*Types of plastic that can be recycled change depending on Councils; please check with your local Council to find out if Aromatica Fragrant Pods can go into the recycling bin. 

Each purifier comes with a full detailed safety and instruction manual. Below is a simple how to guide and some often asked questions, to help you enjoy your Aromatica Air purifier with ease.


  • Set up your air purifier in your preferred space. 
  • Ensure the air purifier is always positioned on a dry, flat surface and remains upright during operation. 
  • Never position on or near flammable, heat sensitive or porous surfaces. 
  • If you are using on a delicate surface, always ensure a plate is placed underneath the purifier. 
  • Be safe - always keep out of reach of children and pets. 
  • Remove the front cover. 
  • Place your chosen fragrant pods (sold separately), recess first into the fragrant pod compartment. Fit the airflow cowling and then front cover, gently press both into place. 
  • Switch the machine on using either the remote or via the button on the machine. Choose your desired setting. The machine can be switched off by either pressing the ‘off’ button on the remote, the ‘on/off’ button on the machine or automatically once your desired time selection runs out. 


How far will the fragrance reach in a room?

Single Air Purifiers deliver fragrance and deodorise areas of up to 30m2 & Duo Purifiers will cover up to 50m2. For small to medium sized rooms we recommend the single fan size purifier, while for larger rooms the duo is optimal. Fragrance distribution will also vary based on the environment in your space – air flow, humidity and temperature can all effect the coverage.

Can I mix and match fragrant pods?

Yes, you can mix and match fragrant pods to deliver layered and mixed fragrances to your personal preference. Best combinations are fruity fragrances together such as Tibet + Florence, as well as combining versatile Vanilla Bean to any of our fragrances to give them a warmer, sweeter edge.


How often should your Aromatica Air Purifier be cleaned?

For a purifier which is used each day or often, we recommend checking air vents and cleaning once a week (for dusty spaces it may be required twice a week) and also recommend to clean each time a fragrant pod(s) is changed.

A note: Pods will naturally catch dust particles, the pods are designed to do so. This won’t affect the fragrance distribution. When the pods no longer give out fragrance, simply throw away with the dust they have gathered.

How to clean your purifier?

  1. Turn off the power and unplug the DC Adapter or power source.
  2. Remove front cover, airflow cowling and fragrant pod.
  3. Remove dust from Aromatica body and front cover with dry soft cloth. Marks or stains can be spot cleaned using a damp (not wet) swab or cloth. Do not use commercial polishes or cleaners. Never immerse in water.
  4. Remove dust from the air intake vents using the soft brush, provided. Brush in an outwards motion. Take care not to brush any dust into the machine.
  5. Wipe the internal section of the machine with a dry cloth.
  6. The fragrant pod compartment may be cleaned with a swab or soft damp (not wet) cloth with isopropyl alcohol. At no stage can liquid be allowed to come into contact with the fans or electronic components.
  7. If the Aromatica purifier is not used for some time, we recommend to keep the packaging for storage: Wrap machine and place in a clean dry place. Always remove the remote controls battery prior to storage.

For full maintenance instructions see the instruction and safety manual included with each purifier.

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