Your go-to guide for Candle Care - Tips, Tricks and Total Enlightment!

From first light to lasting delight. Candle care in 1,2,3.

Oh hi there candle lover! Ready to elevate your candle game to pro-level? Whether you're a seasoned candle collector or a newbie to the cosy glow of wick and wax, mastering the art of candle care is essential. Don't worry; we've got the hottest (pun intended!) tips to ensure your candle burning experience is nothing short of spectacular. Let's light up the way!

Let's light up the way to the first burn...

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Step 1: Setting the candle memory (First burn is the charm!)

Did you know your candle has a memory? Yep, it’s like the elephant of the home decor world! 
The first burn is crucial; It sets the memory for how your candle will burn in subsequent uses and it helps to get MAXIMUM burn time from your candles (Which is what we want right?!). 
To establish a good memory, bur your candle until the wax melts across the entire surface to the edge of the jar (for our jar candles). For our pillar candles, roughly 3mm from the edge (We don’t want it all the way to the edge for these ones).
Patience is key here - this process can take about 1-2 hours, depending on the size. It’s best to do your first burn when you have the time to burn it properly - there’s no short cut here unfortunately. 
What’s the benefit of setting the candle memory? This initial patience prevents tunnelling (that annoying little well that forms if it doesn’t burn evenly), ensuring an even burn in the future and making your candle last longer!

Step 2: Trimming the wicks: Keep it short & sweet!

If you bought a candle from us then most likely the wick’s have been pre trimmed for your first burn. (Thank you dusk superstars!) This habit is essential to do for the life of your candle. 

Let’s start with the benefits:

  • Trimming the wick of your candles makes for a much cleaner burn - With less wick to burn through, your candles can focus on using that heat energy to pool the wax properly and set your fragrance free!
  • A trimmed wick actually prevents a smokey candle
  • Trimming the wicks regularly prevents excess burnt wick and soot to fall back into the candle causing further ‘Mushrooming’.

Our dusk wick trimmer has been specially designed to measure the wick to 6mm when rested squarely on top of the candle. Let’s celebrate this unsung hero of the candle care world!

Artisan Candle Collection


Want to keep your candle smelling great for as long as possible? Use the lid (where possible)! Most of our dusk candles come with a lid to protect the fragrance fading. No lid? No worries - that means you get to enjoy your candle quickly so light them up and enjoy that fragrance!

Candle Safety: The important bits.

While candles add a touch of magic to any room, safety is the secret ingredient to a worry-free experience.

  1. Always burn candles within sight
  2. Keep candles away from drafts (It prevents smoke + soot forming along the jar of the candle)
  3. Hopefully this is a no brainer but keep candles away from children and pets - flames and kids are a no no
  4. Ensure a burning candle is on a stable & heat-resistant surface - if you’re not sure? Best to pop a plate underneath your burning candle (do not use the lids for this)
  5. Always remove any labels / wrapping before lighting
  6. Never burn a candle for more than 3 hours at a time
  7. Always leave 1-2 cm’s of wax at the bottom of your candle - Do not burn to the end.

For a comprehensive safety list and information about how to use please visit our FAQ’s page HERE.