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Taper Candles

dusk's high quality taper candles are available in a variety of colours, styles and finishes to suit any décor.

Taper Candles

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    Let us introduce you to “Candle Memory”

    Before you excitedly unbox the newest member of your candle collection and get ready to light, we want to introduce you to a thing called “The first burn” – so step away from your laser lighter and read below to see how you can get your candle to live its best life. 

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  • dusk Wick Trimmer
    To trim or not to trim the wicks of your candles? 

    This accessory needs no introduction. You’ve seen it before and you’ve probably politely ignored the advice (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!) but let us introduce you to the dusk wick trimmer. 

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