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Ultrasonic Diffusers

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Ultrasonic Diffusers

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  1. Danica Peach Swirl MoodMist® Diffuser
    Danica Peach Swirl MoodMist® Diffuser
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    Danica Peach Swirl MoodMist® Diffuser
    Available In Store & Online.

    Drawing inspiration from picturesque sunsets, Our Danica Peach Swirl MoodMist® Diffuser combines functionality and style to create a sophisticated decor piece that will enhance any space. Designed as both a stylish lighting piece and a sophisticated ultrasonic diffuser, Danica's elegant oval shaped resin cover reflects clouds and swirls of varying opacity whilst softly diffusing light from within. She creates an ambient light display whilst filling the air with fragrance.

    The Diffuser operates with the use of the remote control. Danica has a range of settings for timer, colour changing or static LED lighting. Danica's design features dusk's new mist chip format meaning the ultrasonic disc does not require changing.

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