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Welcome to the Street Party. The Streets x dusk Collection

Gift Ideas for Him

Surprise him with a special gift from our range of candles, fragrances or decor!

Gift Ideas for Him

  1. Callista White Ceramic MoodMist® Diffuser
    Callista White Ceramic MoodMist® Diffuser
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    Available In Store & Online.

    Inspired by the stars in the night sky, our Callista White Ceramic MoodMist® Diffuser is a sophisticated and contemporary addition to any space. Her delicate white ceramic cover has been expertly crafted into a curvaceous teardrop design, and the matte finish of the ceramic will suit any home decor. Callista's intricate cut-outs will illuminate rom within when in use creating an ambient light display whilst filling the air with fragrance.

    The Diffuser operates with the use of the remote control. Callista has a range of settings for timer, colour changing or static LED lighting. Callista's design features dusk's new mist chip format meaning the ultrasonic disc does not require changing.

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  2. MoodMist® Diffuser Cleaning Kit
    MoodMist® Diffuser Cleaning Kit
    Regular $19.99 dusk Rewards $17.99
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    Available In Store & Online.

    Firstly, remember to always unplug your MoodMist® Diffuser before cleaning. Ensure water tank is empty then remove lid of tank and add a few drops of our special cleaning solution to the water tank.

    Wipe away the MoodMist® Oil or Essential Oil residue from the water tank with the microfibre cleaning cloth provided. Repeat until the tank feels smooth and oil-free not forgetting the little disc at the base of the tank which creates the mist.

    Cleaning cloth is washable for repeat use. If disc needs special attention you may apply a small drop on the end of a cotton tip to gently clean the disc.

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