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Home Fragrance

Instil the power to soothe, seduce and transport yourself to new or nostalgic places with the magic of fragrance. Awaken your senses with the evocative fragrances in our range of home fragrance collections, designed to perfume your surroundings, creating your own personal sanctuary.

Home Fragrance

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  1. Paola MoodMist Fragrant Oil 50mL
    Paola MoodMist® Fragrant Oil 50mL
    Belladonna Collection
    Regular $24.99 dusk Rewards $22.49
    Available In Store & Online.

    Paola's white floral bouquet blends perfumes of freesia, delicate lily of the valley and charming patchouli all mellowed with the ripe luscious fragrance of pear and golden melon.

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  2. Maldives MoodMist Fragrant Oil 50 mL
    Maldives MoodMist® Fragrant Oil 50 mL
    Regular $24.99 dusk Rewards $22.49
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    Available In Store & Online.

    A floral bouquet of golden orchids capture the radiance of this vibrant island nation.

    Emboldened by powdery iris, violet and sweet amber for a sunlit homage.

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