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Home Fragrance

Instil the power to soothe, seduce and transport yourself to new or nostalgic places with the magic of fragrance. Awaken your senses with the evocative fragrances in our range of home fragrance collections, designed to perfume your surroundings, creating your own personal sanctuary.

Home Fragrance

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  1. Soy Sweet Surprises MoodMist® Oil (3 Pack)
    Soy Sweet Surprises MoodMist® Oil (3 Pack)
    Soy Collection
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    Available In Store & Online.

    Soy Sweet Surprises MoodMist® Oil 3pk containing Creamy Caramel, Burnt Sugar & Bergamot and Vanilla & Spice.

    Prepare to be wowed by this sweet selection of MoodMist® fragrance confections.

    Burnt Sugar & Bergamot

    Exquisite notes of vanilla, praline and chocolate are rounded out with soft bergamot and violet for a gentle, enveloping fragrance.

    Creamy Caramel

    Sink your teeth into some mouth-watering creamy caramel. Brown sugar and buttery toffee come together in a decadently velvety heart. The temptation is completed with indulgent vanilla and rich tonka bean.

    Vanilla & Spice

    This decadent fragrance is derived from opulent vanilla with a smooth heart of caramelised marshmallow. Base notes of spice and musk have been added for the ultimate perfume indulgence.

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