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Home Fragrance

Instil the power to soothe, seduce and transport yourself to new or nostalgic places with the magic of fragrance. Awaken your senses with the evocative fragrances in our range of home fragrance collections, designed to perfume your surroundings, creating your own personal sanctuary.

Home Fragrance

  1. A Quiet Mind Essential Oil Trio Pack
    A Quiet Mind Essential Oil Trio Pack
    Essential Oils
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    This divine trio of essential oils has been specially crafted to pacify and comfort a busy mind. Diffuse to combat daily stresses and anxiety, allowing you to feel like yourself again.

    Anxiety Ease: A soothing blend to ease weary minds. Developed to reduce nervous tension in the body and to help relieve symptoms of mild anxiety. Use when you require the extra help.

    Stress Relief: A stress reducing blend of citrus scents and calming chamomile. This blend may help soothe the body, encourage relaxation and aid in reducing stress levels. The perfect antidote to a week of stress and strains.

    Soothe: An aromatic blend that promotes relaxation and the release of emotional tension. A perfect scent to unwind at the end of the day, comforting and uplifting.

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  2. Australis MoodMist Fragrant Oil 50 mL
    Australis MoodMist® Fragrant Oil 50 mL
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    Boronia laden sunsets emblazon endless fields of ochre, bursting with tangy Kakadu plum. Warm vanilla hangs in the scorched air, soothed by bright lemon aspen and native jasmine. The beating sun casts its rays through towering Australian sandalwoods completing this ode to the land we call home.

    Australis has been crafted in partnership with Australian perfumers to represent the abundance of native flora found across our sunburnt deserts, aromatic forests and sparkling coastlines.

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