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Home Fragrance

Instil the power to soothe, seduce and transport yourself to new or nostalgic places with the magic of fragrance. Awaken your senses with the evocative fragrances in our range of home fragrance collections, designed to perfume your surroundings, creating your own personal sanctuary.

Home Fragrance

  1. Goodnight Essential Oil Trio Pack
    Goodnight Essential Oil Trio Pack
    Essential Oils
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    Available In Store & Online.

    The secret to a good night's sleep in 3 specially made scents! Selected to assist in a calming sleep ritual, this essential oil trio is the key to a dreamy night and refreshed start to your morning.

    Sweet Slumber: Marjoram to calm the body, petitgrain to help balance emotions and lavender to promote restful sleep. Blended to bring a soothing, luxurious element to your night-time routine.

    Sleep Assist: A peaceful blend that can help melt away stress and tension, perfect for encouraging a restful night's sleep. A perfect scent to unwind and relax before bedtime.

    Lavender: Relaxing and soothing, lavender can promote serenity and balance for the mind and body. Lavender is believed to be useful as an antibacterial and antiviral aromatherapy agent.

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