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New Diffusers

Spruce up your home decor with dusk's newest arrivals of MoodMist® Diffusers. With just the right amount of ambient lighting, pair it with our Essential Oils or Fragrant Oils to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

New Diffusers

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  1. Baylor Wooden MoodMist® Diffuser
    Baylor Wooden MoodMist® Diffuser
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    Baylor Wooden MoodMist® Diffuser
    Available In Store & Online.

    Our Baylor Wooden MoodMist® Diffuser is a modern and understated addition to our Diffuser collection. Inspired by the natural elements of Scandinavian design aesthetics, Baylor combines an elegant white ceramic cover with a wooden base to create a contemporary and sophisticated diffuser that will compliment any space. When in use, Baylor's light ring will illuminate from within to create a lovely atmosphere while filling the room with beautiful scent.

    The Diffuser operates manually by buttons located at the front of the unit. Baylor has a range of settings for timer, colour changing or static LED lighting. Baylor's design features dusk's new mist chip format meaning the ultrasonic disc does not require changing.

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