MoodFlame Safety Instructions

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MoodFlame®- Ignite your passion

dusk has fused the ancient allure of a naked flame with cutting-edge Scandinavian design to unveil the stunning MoodFlame® collection. The stylish unit will help recreate the relaxing atmosphere of an open fire, throwing soft light around the room without the impracticalities and expense of a real fireplace. Designed to burn without a flue, dusk’s MoodFlame® is powered by a smokeless and sustainable EcoFuel™ made from New South Wales wheat extract.

Mandatory Safety Instructions

As with any fuel-powered device, there are a number of precautions that must be followed to ensure your MoodFlame® experience is a safe and enjoyable one. Failing to follow these instructions could lead to a serious, potentially uncontrollable fire which may cause personal injury, significant damage to property, and in extreme circumstances, death. dusk cannot be held responsible for any injury, death or damage to property caused by failing to follow all safety instructions.

Additional safety instructions are enclosed in the MoodFlame® box, all safety instructions must be read prior to using your MoodFlame®

  • Fuel
    The dusk MoodFlame® unit has been designed to operate with dusk’s specially formulated EcoFuel™ only. Substituting dusk’s highly refined, denatured ethanol fuel for lower-grade ethanol, lamp oil, methylated spirits, gel, alcohol, petrol, diesel, kerosene or any other fuel/additive is extremely dangerous and also causes an unpleasant odour. dusk cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the use of non-recommended fuel. The dusk EcoFuel™ should always be stored in its original container to avoid contamination and in a cool, dry place. Both your MoodFlame® and EcoFuel™ should be stored out of reach of children and pets, and away from any source of flames, even when not in use.
  • Filling the MoodFlame®
    The MoodFlame® fuel cups must be washed and completely dried before each use. Remove the fuel unit from the recess in your dusk MoodFlame®, fill the container to about 1cm from the top, taking care not to spill any fuel. After carefully filling, replace the fuel container in its recess, wipe over the dusk MoodFlame® with a dry, clean cloth to absorb any excess fuel. In the case that fuel spills, ensure it is wiped clean with a dry, clean cloth to absorb any excess fuel, as spilled fuel may ignite if it is not properly cleaned up. Take care to choose a soft cloth that will not scratch the dusk MoodFlame’s® delicate surface. Never attempt to refill the MoodFlame® while it is alight as fuel pouring from the bottle will ignite and cause the bottle to explode. Extinguish the flame and allow the fuel cups to cool before refilling with EcoFuel™.
  • Lighting and extinguishing the MoodFlame®
    A long-nose lighter, such as the dusk Turbo Lighter, should be used to ignite the MoodFlame®. Never use a match or cigarette lighter. If debris falls into the fuel cup extinguish the flame, wait until the unit cools to the touch and remove the foreign matter. The MoodFlame® should only be operated with all its components in place – never light the fuel cups while they are not in the unit, or with the fireplace only partially assembled. Your dusk MoodFlame® comes equipped with its own unique Extinguisher Plate; this should not be substituted for any other form of snuffi ng device. Always ensure your Extinguisher Plate is on hand before the unit is lit.
  • Operating the MoodFlame®
    While the MoodFlame® is suitable for use indoors or outdoors, it should only be used on a heat-resistant surface away from flammable objects. The unit must not be operated outside when a total fire ban is in place.
    Similarly, the MoodFlame® should not be used on a shelf, bookcase or wall cabinet where there is inadequate clearance between the unit and flammable objects. It should also be placed where it cannot be accidentally overturned or bumped into. The fireplace must be operated in an open area with a minimum of 1.5 metres between the unit and any timber, plasterboard or other painted surface; 2 metres from any fabric; and with a minimum 1.8 metre clearance above the unit.
    The dusk MoodFlame® is the perfect way to create a relaxing atmosphere inside or out, but when using indoors adequate airflow must be maintained via an open window/door to ensure fresh oxygen replaces what is burnt off during the combustion process. Inadequate ventilation could result in the accumulation of fuel vapours and possibly an explosion.
  • Things to remember when using the MoodFlame®
    As with any device which incorporates fuel and fire, the MoodFlame® can become hot during operation. Attempting to move or touch the unit while it is burning may result in severe burns.
    The MoodFlame® is not a traditional fireplace in the heat-providing sense - it is a home décor piece designed to recreate the look and ambience of an open fire only. So while it will warm the feel of a room, it won’t heat your house!
    Like any device which features a naked flame element, the MoodFlame® must be kept out of reach of children and pets. Children should always be supervised when a MoodFlame® is in use to prevent accidental injury and/or the flame being tampered with.
  • What to do in an emergency
    If the MoodFlame® unit is knocked over and burning fuel is spilled, a Type Class BE and ABE powder, CO2 extinguisher or a fire blanket should be used to extinguish the flame. Alternatively, a wet towel can be thrown over the spill but must remain in place until the flame is out and the spilt fuel is cool. Never attempt to douse the flame with water as the alcohol in the fuel may carry the flames further.
    If you’re ever in doubt about any aspect of operating the MoodFlame®, err on the side of caution and contact dusk for advice.