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Flannel Flower Babies MoodMist® Diffuser

May Gibbs x dusk

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Available In Store & Online.

dusk invites you to immerse yourself in the whimsical world of May Gibbs, where Bush Babies play and explore the natural beauty of the Australian landscape.

This exclusive collection of dusk MoodMist® Diffusers display May's charming illustrations, allowing the magical elements of light and scent to take you on an adventure.

Let your imagination wander into an innocent world where inquisitive iconic characters roam free to discover the beauty of our native flora and fauna.

© The Northcott Society and Cerebral Palsy Alliance 2021

Available In Store & Online.

dusk invites you to immerse yourself in the whimsical world of May Gibbs, where Bush Babies play and explore the natural beauty of the Australian... Read More

Be captivated by dusk's range of stylish MoodMist® Diffusers.

dusk's exclusive MoodMist® Diffusers are designed to operate by ultrasonic technology. This technology works by the vibration of water, rather than heat, ensuring a superior and safe product for your home.

The MoodMist® Diffusers has been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with dusk MoodMist® Oils or dusk Essential Oils for maximum efficiency. Once in use these oil molecules are dispersed into the air combining with fine mist particles, resulting in a gentle release of fragrance.

Flannel Flower Babies swaying in the warm summer breeze decorate the pale white glass of this limited-edition MoodMist® Diffuser. This adorable May Gibbs illustration has been transferred onto the elegant oval shaped cover and is beautifully complimented by its matte gold base. The diffuser's true magic will transpire when the LED light Illuminates the Flower Babies silhouettes, as if they were dancing in the soft moonlight.

The Diffuser operates manually by buttons located at the front of the unit and has a range of settings for timer, mist levels and colour changing or static LED lighting. The design features dusk's new mist chip format meaning the ultrasonic disc does not require changing.

The combination of beautiful product design, soft lighting and delicate mist will create a special ambiance in any space.

  • Limited Edition with iconic May Gibbs Illustration artwork
  • Average total run time on low mist is 10 hours and on high mist 5 hours.
  • New format design with a unique mist chip, no requirement to replace the disc.
  • No chemicals or heat are required.
  • 1 year warranty.
More Information
Collection May Gibbs x dusk
Colour White
Coverage Up to 30m2
Size 150 mL
Type Glass Diffuser
Height 195 mm
Width 115 mm
Depth 115 mm
  • Ensure your MoodMist® Diffuser is always placed on a flat surface and remains upright during operation.
  • Always ensure you empty water from the back of the diffuser (always avoid the air vent when emptying water).
  • Always unplug your MoodMist® Diffuser during filling and cleaning and when the unit is not in use.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not leave unattended
  • It is recommended to use specially created dusk MoodMist® fragrant oils, or Essential Oils (sold separately).
  • Your MoodMist® includes a manual with specific cleaning instructions.
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