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    Height (mm)190
    Width (mm)145
    Depth (mm)145
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    It is recommended to clean your MoodMist® Diffuser regularly and use specially created MoodMist® fragrant oils, or Essential Oils sold separately. Your MoodMist® includes a manual with specific cleaning instructions.

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    I purchased this product along with multiple different scents, been using it for over 5 months now and I can honestly say it is very much worth the money spent! The mood mist scents only require 3-4 drops at the most, I still have more than half of the scents left and I use it everyday. I love this product because you can change the intensity of the scent by altering the amount you put in! The lights and the faint sound of the water make it quite relaxing! I've bought this product for many of my friends as a gift and they all love it!



    LOVE LOVE LOVE my Diffuser I'm currently on the orange fragrance and OMG it's heavenly!! It makes my house smell AMAZING!! So worth the money i will be recommending this to everyone!!



    This is soooo good! My husband and I bought one and the lavender oil. It smells so good. When our little boy was sick we also put eucalyptus oil in it and it helped him sleep better! Such a fantastic, versatile product.

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    Rhea MoodMist Diffuser


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