Tropical Plantation

Prepare to be swept away by this refreshing and utterly irresistible sensory experience. Dive into a vibrant, tropical utopia of candles, home fragrances and homewares.

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Immerse yourself in the lush vibrancy of the Tropical Plantation collection, a refreshing and utterly irresistible journey through a sensory paradise.

This meticulously curated assortment features a wide range of candles, home fragrances, and homewares, each echoing the lush, abundant spirit of the tropics. As you explore this collection, expect to encounter rich, exotic scents that capture the essence of dense rainforests, sun-kissed beaches, and vibrant wildlife.The candles and diffusers offer a symphony of fragrances that bring the zest and sweetness of tropical fruits, the freshness of palm leaves, and the deep earthiness of exotic woods into your home.