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Health & Well Being

  1. Anna Himalayan MoodMist Diffuser
    Anna Himalayan MoodMist® Diffuser
    Autumn Winter Collection
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    Infographic explaining the features and benefits of Anna Himalayan Salt Diffuser

    Instill a sense of serenity and calm with Anna Himalayan MoodMist® Diffuser.

    Possessing a powerhouse of qualities, Anna seamlessly marries diffusion with aromatherapy, fusing ultrasonic technology with aromatic benefits. The ultrasonic technology when combined with essential oils creates a soothing and therapeutic atmosphere, while the release of natural ions from the Himalayan salt is said to improve air quality, improve sleep and boost moods.

    Cloaked in white with a window displaying the Himalayan salt rocks, this unit strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Offering five light options varying in intensity, Anna offers customisation to suit every mood.

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  2. Sleep Assist Eye Mask Gift Pack
    Sleep Assist Eye Mask Gift Set
    The Gift Edit
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    Sweet dreams are made of these!

    Find your way to the sweetest slumber, aided by dusk's Sleep Assist gift pack.

    An evening spent cocooned in the serene scents of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus will have you floating on a cloud of satin sheets and silk pillows. Set the scene for a restful sleep ritual as you indulge in a luxurious and deserving night-time regime. Spray a few spritzes of our pillow mist to invite calm as you apply our curated blend of essential oils to your temples and neck, massaging gently. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply before sliding on our plush eye mask, the final step to a sweet sleep.

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