Candle Snuffer

The gadget you didn’t know you needed to have – The Candle Snuffer

The past 18 months has allowed for an influx of gadgets and trinkets galore to enter the home (Air-Fryer anyone?) But this year’s unsung hero must be the candle snuffer. It’s the gadget you didn’t know you needed in your life. But this candle accessory royalty is a must-have whether you’re a dusk candle connoisseur or a first-time buyer (hello and welcome!) – The humble candle snuffer is essential to not only safely extinguish your candle but also helps prolong the life of your dusk candle.  

Here’s our top 3 reasons why blowing out your dusk candle (or licking your fingers to extinguish – Just no!) is a bad idea…  

1. Blowing candles out causes all sorts of smoke before the candle is fully out… Blowing candles out on a birthday cake – Yes! But blowing your lovely pillar candles or fragrant candles out leaves a thick smoky smell – which, kind of defeats the purpose of buying a fragrant candle in the first place if we’re being honest?!  

2.Blowing candles out can also blow the wax out of the jar (which is not ideal!) or worse, onto your tabletop. 

Have we sold it to you yet?    

3. Licking your fingers and extinguishing (yes, we have all done it!) – other than the obvious fact of potentially causing burns (PLEASE STOP DOING THIS!) it can cause damage to the wick for the next burn.   

 With all these compelling reasons why you need to stop blowing out your candles yourself, We are just going to go straight into telling you how to use one of these dream candle care accessories…  

Hold the dusk candle snuffer over the flame / wick and allowing it to come in contact with the wax – Hold the snuffer in place for 10 seconds before lifting. The flame will extinguish due to lack of oxygen. Remember to wipe off the wax from the snuffer before its next use.

The dusk candle snuffer can be found on our website in candle accessories or CLICK HERE to go straight to the candle snuffer product page.