Mood Reed Diffusers

Our Signature Mood Reeds have been crafted with unique fragrances developed exclusively for dusk by the world’s leading fragrance houses, showcasing the vibrant colours and scents which will fill your home with beautiful fragrances.

Mood Reed Diffusers

  1. Artisan Mini Mood Reed Trio
    Artisan Mini Mood Reed Trio
    Artisan Collection
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    Amber Santal

    Evokes the aromatic perfumes of freshly cut Australian sandalwood. Heightened by a velvety heart of sultry bergamot and sugared peach. This enveloping and slightly spicy perfume concludes in base notes of rich caramel and amber.

    Midnight Orchid

    Opulent orris root and sandalwood notes will envelop your senses in mystery. Luminous perfumes of enchanting orchid and bewitching ylang ylang are overlaid with warm woods, echoing the tropical isles.

    Black Gold

    Lavish union of uplifting bergamot melds with abundant jasmine blooms. Notes of black pepper and coriander showcase a refined heart, while deep notes of patchouli and amber forge a uniquely layered, unforgettable iconic fragrance.

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  2. Mini Mood Reed Trio
    Life Is Sweet Mini Mood Reed Diffuser Trio Pack
    Signature Collection
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    Vanilla Caramel: A scrumptious caramel centre infused with candied vanilla bean and velvety butter notes. So delicious, you might want to eat it.

    Amber Nights Patchouli & Vanilla: A sultry blend of exotic patchouli, vanilla and amber layered with a heart of jasmine and orchid for a distinctive, elegant fragrance experience.

    Honey Lavender: A soothing blend of lavender and rose complemented by a touch of honey and musk for a calm, serene home.

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  3. Boronia & Kakadu Plum Australis Mood Reeds 200 mL
    Boronia & Kakadu Plum Australis Mood Reeds 200 mL
    Signature Collection
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    Boronia laden sunsets emblazon endless fields of ochre, bursting with tangy Kakadu plum. Warm vanilla hangs in the scorched air, soothed by bright lemon aspen and native jasmine. The beating sun casts its rays through towering Australian sandalwoods completing this ode to the land we call home. Australis has been crafted in partnership with Australian perfumers to represent the abundance of native flora found across our sunburnt deserts, aromatic forests and sparkling coastlines.

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