Autumn Winter Collection

Anna Himalayan MoodMist® Diffuser

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How to get it

Instill a sense of serenity and calm with Anna Himalayan MoodMist® Diffuser. Possessing a powerhouse of qualities, Anna seamlessly marries diffusion with aromatherapy, fusing ultrasonic technology with aromatic benefits.

The ultrasonic technology when combined with essential oils creates a soothing and therapeutic atmosphere, while the release of natural ions from the Himalayan salt is said to improve air quality, improve sleep and boost moods.

Cloaked in white with a window displaying the Himalayan salt rocks, this unit strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Offering five light options varying in intensity, Anna offers customisation to suit every mood.

Infographic explaining the features and benefits of Anna Himalayan Salt Diffuser

Be captivated by dusk's range of stylish MoodMist® Diffusers.

dusk's exclusive MoodMist® Diffusers are designed to operate by ultra-sonic technology. This technology works by the vibration of water, rather than heat, ensuring a superior and safe product for your home. The MoodMist® Diffuser has been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with dusk MoodMist® Oils or dusk Essential Oils for maximum efficiency. Once in use these oil molecules are dispersed into the air combining with fine mist particles, resulting in a gentle release of fragrance.

This decorative and unique ultrasonic diffuser generates a delicate, calming mist, combined with 5 warm-white lighting levels to create a special ambience in any space.

  • Humidifies: refreshes air quality by adding moisture to hot, dry air.
  • Ionizes: producing negative ions, found to lift moods, strengthen immunity and relieve stress.
  • Purifies: attracting water molecules full of nasties like dust and pollen, salt lamps absorb and purify the air, ridding impurities.
  • Aromatherapy - ultrasonic technology produces vibrations at a high frequency turning the water into mist.
  • Fragrances areas of up to 30m2.
  • Turns off once minimum water levels are reached.
  • Adding a few drops of essential oil creates a soothing and therapeutic atmosphere.
  • The combination of natural Himalayan salt and aroma diffusion enhances general well-being.
  • No chemicals or heat are required.
  • Made from BPA free plastic.
  • Use tap water to vaporise your favourite MoodMist® Fragrant Oils or dusk Essential Oils.
  • 1 year warranty.

Anna operates manually by buttons located at the front of the unit.

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Infographic explaining the features and benefits of Anna Himalayan Salt Diffuser

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