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Tips and Tricks to Unlock the Magic of Essential Oils to Elevate Mind, Body and Soul.

What is Aromatherapy? The Lowdown on High Vibing with Essential Oils

Are you ready to dive into the holistic world of aromatherapy? Read through as we dissect the therapeutical benefits that plant-extracted essential oils can add to your mental and physical wellbeing. These little drops of goodness are the backbone of aromatherapy, and they can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. Whether you're a pro or just starting out, anyone can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. We're here to make it accessible for everyone, and we've got a suite of targeted products that will help you on your journey to wellness!

The Essence of Essential Oils. The who, what and why

Magical, fragrant elixirs extracted from nature; essential oils are sourced from flowers, herbs, tree resin, bark, and petals and more. The most popular method for extraction is steam distillation, which basically involves boiling or steaming the plant to release its precious oils.

Benefits Of Aromatherapy: Nurturing Mind, Body and Senses with Nature

  • Relaxation & Calm:  
    Root and resin derived essential oils like frankincense and cedarwood have been found to have grounding and relaxation properties. Incensole, a naturally occurring compound found in frankincense has been studied for its anti-depressive qualities. 
  • Anti-inflammatory:  
    Sweet, straw-like Roman chamomile contains naturally occurring compounds such as bisabolol and chamazulene, known for their ability to soothe inflammation.  
  • Focus:  
    Cool, herbaceous aromas like peppermint and rosemary, or bright citrusy lemon and orange oil can help awaken and focus the mind for mental clarity. 
  • Destress
    Tropical, floral ylang ylang exudes a potent, sweet smell that has been found to target stress, boosted by linalool which can help relax the mind and body.  
  • Aid Sleep
    Improve your sleep health with sedative-like scents such as lavender and bergamot. High in linalool, this naturally occurring compound found in plants can aid against insomnia and sleep disruptions.

Benefits Of Essential Oils: Our Top Picks of The Proverbial Bunch

Essential Oil Aroma Focus Area
Peppermint Fresh, Herbaceous, Cool Mental Clarity
Ylang Ylang Sweet, Floral, Spicy Moods
Lavender Powdery, Floral, Delicate Insomnia
Orange Citrus, Sweet, Strong Anxiety, Worry
Eucalyptus Cool, Herbal, Green Headaches, Congestion
Lemon Bright, Zesty, Clean Nausea
Rosemary Herbal, Green, Woody Mental Fog
Bergamot Citrusy, Light Floral, Bright Stress
Ginger Spicy, Warm Nausea
Cinnamon Leaf Warm, Spicy, Clove Low energy, Circulation
Rose Floral, Sweet, Rich Muscular aches
Tea Tree Medicinal, Herbaceous, Green Bacteria


Products and Practices: Ways to Rev Up Your Daily Wellness Rituals
Looking to jump into your aromatherapy journey? 
From sprays to oils to luxurious bath products, incorporating the benefits of aromatherapy into your daily routine is as easy as vitamin A, B, C.
Follow our guide to ease into everyday indulgence with essential oils.

Essential Oils:
The backbone of aromatherapy, essential oils are pocket powerhouses full of unique, positive benefits. Carefully extracted from plants, flowers, fruits and tree resins, these golden drops of nature’s magic are often found as pure single oils or blended to suit different needs and fragrance preferences. Pure essential oils carry a potent, single scent whereas blends have been designed for a more complex, layered aroma and purpose. 
Multi-functional, here are quick and easy ways to start using essential oils: 

  • Diffusing: Add the recommended dose of essential oils to your Ultrasonic Diffuser for a safe and easy way to enjoy essential oils. Your diffuser will disperse the aroma into the air molecules so you can enjoy maximum benefits with minimal effort.
  • Oil burners: Add a few drops into water when using your oil burner for a fragrant experience. Tinker with the intensity of fragrance to suit your tastes, and bask in the gentle glow. A serene escape from bright lights at the end of the day.
  • Aromatherapy Massage: mix in a couple of drops of skin-safe essential oil into massage oil for a muscle-soothing massage. Body heat will further activate the oils properties. We recommend patch-testing before use to ensure no reaction ensues. Peppermint and lavender are particularly popular for this. 

Essential Oil Roll Ons:
A convenient, portable, ready-to-use format for on-the-go aromatherapy needs. Dusk Essential Oil Roll Ons combine our targeted essential oil blends with gentle grapeseed and sunflower carrier oils, making these a skin-safe formulation. The perfect antidote for when unexpected symptoms strike. 
Our best practice: gently roll onto temples, inner wrists, behind the ears and pulse points for maximum efficacy. The natural warming of blood flow in these areas allows for better absorption of the oils. 


Pillow Mists: 
Lean into dreamy sleeps and peaceful slumber with pillow mists designed to relax the body, slow breathing and quiet the mind. A few sprays before bed is a gentle, easy way to incorporate essential oils into your routine particularly with targeted sleep blends to induce slumber and wake feeling refreshed. 
Incense Sticks:
Fragrant, hand-rolled sensorial shifters. Aromatic incense is a flame-free fragrance alternative that delivers scent in strength. Long shrouded in meditative practices, incense is a centuries old ritual with many cultural ties. With a short smoke-time but potent perfume, incense sticks are a great, safe way to add aromatherapy into your routine.  
Light a reviving blend in the morning while you stretch or enjoy a morning coffee, during meditative or low-intensity exercise like yoga, or a calming blend to wind-down in the evenings before bed or while bathing. 


Bath Bombs and Fizzers, Bath Salts & Bath Oils: 
Carve out the ultimate at home spa retreat with bath bombs, bath salts and bath oils blended with botanical extracts and essential oils for at-home moments of everyday indulgence. As the products interact with the warm water and dissolve, their fragrant potency intensifies. The steamy environment further enhances the essential oils as they permeate into fragrant vapour. 
Get creative mixing different blends and formats to craft unique fragrant experiences.

  • Bath oils will create a luxurious, hydrating feel to the skin.
  • Bath salts (particularly Epsom salts) blended with essential oil extracts soothe and target muscular aches. 
  • Bath bombs add fragrance and a touch of fun frivolity as colour, glitter or floral botanicals melt into your spa-like bath.

Aromatherapy Candles: 
Embrace the art of scent scaping while subtly incorporating aromatherapy into your daily routine. Seek out candles that have been fragranced with natural oils and bask in the gentle glow, relaxed ambiance and essential oil based fragrance. The perfect end-of-day antidote for mind and body and senses. 
Make time for mindfulness with these simple steps to relax and rejuvenate. Don’t wait for a new year to focus on a new you. 
 *dusk advises seeking professional medical advice before using essential oil based products as well as reading specific product cautions. 

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