1. The Ultimate Last-Minute Gift Guide
    The Ultimate Last-Minute Gift Guide

    As the unofficial home of Last-Minute Christmas, we've rounded up our favourite gifts for any budget. No one will ever know that it was last minute. We have it on good authority that no one has ever turned their nose up to a gloriously fragranced candle. It will be our little secret...

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  2. Lady holding the 2023 four dusk classic christmas scented candles
    Our grand plan to make your Christmas scent-sational...

    Attention Christmas fanatics and festive fragrance lovers... Our four ultra-indulgent Christmas fragrances are here at last, and whether you're a "Christmas starts in October" kind of person, or a "Christmas is a nightmare" person (We know a few of you!), nothing beats that ultimate pause on Christmas Day watching family, friends and all the extras, pouring over their gifts and Christmas Lunch, with a breeze of traditional Christmas fragrance in the air.

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  3. Sleepy kitten looking cosy in warm blankets
    Beat The Frostbite By Candlelight With Our Top Picks For Cosy Cabin Chic Vibes

    It’s officially days away from puffer jacket season. The heated seats are on, cups of tea are brewing and all you want to do is Netflix and (not) chill. Whether you’re embracing the cosy vibes or escaping for sunnier climes, we’ve pulled together dusk’s top antidotes to beat the winter blues.

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  4. dusk Yvette Ultrasonic MoodMist Diffuser with Bluetooth and Alarm Clock
    Ultrasonic Diffusers: Our Guide to the Ultimate in Home Fragrance Technology.

    Dive into relax mode and hit that DND status with our comprehensive introductory guide to Ultrasonic Diffusers. Full of easy to absorb information, our guide will make your journey into diffusion quick and easy with product comparisons, handy how-to care tips and features and benefits.

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  5. dusk Mother's Day Limited Edition Artist Collaboration 2023
    Artist in Focus: dusk x Adele Naidoo Collaboration

    Fancy florals? Artist Adele Naidoo brings her feminine blooms to dusk's Mother's Day Collection in a coveted collaboration of limited edition candles, decor and home fragrance for a bouqeut that's always in bloom.

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  6. dusk Myah Beige Ultrasonic Diffuser with dusk Essential Oils
    A Beginner's Guide to Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

    Discover the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy from better sleep to calm-like zen. Whether you're a pro or just starting out, anyone can enjoy the holistic world of aromatherapy with targeted products designed to elevate your vibe for moments of everyday indulgence.

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  7. Candle Memory First Burn
    Let us introduce you to “Candle Memory”

    Before you excitedly unbox the newest member of your candle collection and get ready to light, we want to introduce you to a thing called “The first burn” – so step away from your laser lighter and read below to see how you can get your candle to live its best life. 

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  8. dusk Wick Trimmer
    To trim or not to trim the wicks of your candles? 

    This accessory needs no introduction. You’ve seen it before and you’ve probably politely ignored the advice (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!) but let us introduce you to the dusk wick trimmer. 

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  9. dusk Candle Snuffer
    The gadget you didn’t know you needed to have.

    The past 18 months has allowed for an influx of gadgets and trinkets galore to enter the home (Air-Fryer anyone?) But this year’s unsung hero must be the candle snuffer.

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  10. Candle Collections
    Candle Collections
    Discover dusk’s exclusive range of Candle Collections produced using superior quality waxes infused with scents sourced from world leading fragrance houses. Our Signature Candle Collection eliminates unwanted odours
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