Remember about 11 months ago when you swore you’d be more organised next time around?

Come on, we know you.

And we’re not judging. We thrive in the chaos of the last-minute Christmas rush. As the unofficial home of eleventh-hour, hail-Mary gifting, we’ve well and truly got your back.

No matter who you’re buying for, you’ll find a candle, essential oil or diffuser fragrance to earn you elite gift-giving status this year.

We are embracing the last-minute gift dash and have rounded up the best of the best gifts that most definitely don't look 'last-minute'.

Everyday indulgence shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Our range of minis, single-wick candles and accessories make excellent last-minute stocking fillers, Secret Santa presents and teacher gifts.

Don't worry if browsing isn't your thing, we've got our Top 4 below to help you make a swift decision and get in and out before you can say Christmas Secret Santa Done! 

Our Australis Signature Collection is a crowd pleaser and our Mini Candle size makes it the perfect but impactful Secret Santa delight or a cute little addition to the Christmas Stocking if you want to go high on impact and low on chocolate.

Our Top 4 Under $30:

Our Signature Collection Destination mini's are the perfect stocking filler for when you're just not sure but are also wanting to go for something meanful. Cancelled holiday plans? Lusting over tropical destinations? 'Big' birthday ambitions far away? Give the gift of a holiday (for Under $20!)

Our NEW Bath Bombs are sure to hit the relaxation spot. Fragranced with our famous Signature Collection fragrances - these one's have 'Teacher's Gift' written all over them.

Explore the full collection of Gifts Under $30 below. 

Secret Santa. Done.

Stocking Fillers. Done.

Christmas in the nick of time? Of course we have it done for you!

Looking for more inspiration?

Our team's TOP PICKS under $50:

When you need to ramp up your gifting game, opt for our Artisan range or peruse the lineup of soul-soothing essential oils.

You’ll find plenty of thoughtful gifts for those last-minute additions to Christmas lunch or the neighbour who always tries to outdo you – not this time, Sandra.

Our Artisan Collection pairs craft and indulgence into a 2-Wick luxury candle that will fragrance a room for 45 hours. The only problem? Picking your (their) favourite fragrance.

Selected your boss in the team Secret Santa? Become the office hero with our essential Oil Trios - perfect for calming, sleeping, zen'ing out and revilatising - with these deeply soothing blends of pure Australian essential oils, the whole team will reap the reward.

But if you need more - We have more.

If you’re chasing that look of pure delight when they open their gift, with a subtle undertone of “wow, I wasn’t expecting this”, you’re in the right place.

These beauties are the ideal last-minute gift for anyone who deserves a touch of everyday luxury. We're calling this collection the 'Really-last-minute-but-want-to-make-it-look-like-it's-not' Collection ;) 

Our WORLD FAMOUS (well to us anyway!) Signature Collection Lover Sets are a good place to start - Filled with the best of each Signature fragrance - they're a show-stopper.

If we had to select 4...

We did a quick wrap around the office to see what our Team were lusting after for a Gift Under $80: 


"100% Gifting the 2-Wick Candles from the Streets Collection - The new Banana Paddle Pop - It's like smelling the 90's!"

"The Flora Belladonna Gift Set for my Mum, she loves a floral fragrance and the artwork is aboslutely stunning"

"My Aunty is obsessed with our Signature Collection Vanilla Caramel fragrance, so it would have to be the Vanilla Caramel Carousel Set"

Browse our most-loved gifts Under $80

Browse our top gifts over $100

For your insanely generous Grandparents who still give you and your 28 cousins a thoughtful gift every year. For your partner who loves perusing the fragrance section at your local department store. And the friend whose home always smells like a luxury day spa. These are the gifts that say “Wow, you get me”.

Our Ultrasonic MoodMist Diffusers are the perfect gift when you're just not sure what to buy them, but want it to look considered. MoodMist® is an ultra-modern way to lightly fragrance your home or office, they are the star of the show and the perfect way to add ambience to their space.

Want to explore them all?